Boca Gambale



Boca has been singing professionally since the age of 13 and begun playing the piano at 9.   Schooled in Toronto, Canada studying Vocal Performance/Arranging/Composition graduating with Honors from Humber College of Performing Arts.

She has written and produced and recorded her own music and continues to release albums, tours and performs internationally. She sings in three languages and has sung in several authentic Latin Jazz groups. She is the featured vocalist and colabotaor with Frank Gambale Soulmine a Grammy winning Guitarist and Legendary player.  Boca’s songs are a gateway to her soul and she continues to inspire and share her message of hope through the power of her music. Boca is the Founder/Creative Director of ‘In The Muse Creative Center’ Palm Springs’s Creativity Hub serving the Coachella Valley.  More on Boca…

What people have said about Boca:

“She has the vocal range to put your lights out, and yet, the softness of silk”

Smooth JazzTimes

“Her delivery is strong, sultry, bluesy and she brings something to the jazz stage that many
American jazz singers lack now a days, a vision to take the voice outside of the traditional
jazz realm and make it something more alluring…"


“I was waiting for the right voice to come along. When I heard hers, I thought, ‘We really have to
do something together…’ It was a wonderful collaboration. She’s a real inspiration to
me in a lot of ways. She’s a huge talent.”

Vintage Guitar Magazine-Frank Gambale, Grammy Award Winning Jazz Guitarist

“Signaling the return of quality music, Boca shines with powerful lyrics and a captivating vocal
style. Layered in jazz, blues and soul, she will remind you of what's been missing from today's
contemporary music scene. 'Edge Of Night' is an emotional soundtrack of life! And Boca is one
talent worth keeping an eye and ear on.”

James V- Sony

“Boca, and an amazingly talented vocalist whose voice is soothing, seductive, and made for jazz.”

Entertainment Bank

“Boca's vocal style is engaging and there is a passion that clearly comes through
in her performances”

Entertainment Bank


“If I cannot fly, let me sing.”
Stephen Sondheim

‘Your truest Life is when you are in dreams awake…’
Author Unknown